About us

Our history

Creation of I-care™ & Condition Based Monitoring

After 2 years working for Emerson, Fabrice Brion, decided to start his own activity and created I-care™, a company based in Mons, Belgium and specialized in condition based monitoring. During the 2 first years of operations, I-care™ developed its competencies in vibration, lubrication, infrared thermography and ultrasound.

Start of Reliability Engineering

Knowing when a machine will fail is not enough for the modern industry. In addition to the Condition Based Monitoring, I-care™ started to deliver Reliability Engineering service and then answer to the request of a major player in Pharmaceutics to support them for their Maintenance Plans. At this moment, the company counted less than 10 employees.

Start of Research & Development

Convinced that the Industrial Revolution 4.0 was in its infancy, I-care™ decided in 2007 to set up its Research & Development Department and develop its own solution of Industrial Internet of Thing (IIoT) and Cloud-based analytical tool.

First European Subsidiary

With the development of its activities, I-care™ decides to open its first subsidiary in Italy.

Birth of I-see: Start of Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM)

The first realisation of the R&D Department is operational and will be named I-see. It allows the company to start RCM - remote condition monitoring - and better answer the needs of its corporate customers by providing them the same diagnostic quality worldwide without supporting experts travel costs.

European Expansion

In 2010, I-care™ opens offices in France. One year later (2011), it will be in Poland, followed by Germany in 2012. The I-care™ Group has now more than 60 collaborators.

Birth of Wi-care

After 7 years of R&D, I-care™ patented and launched on the market its first Wi-care product : a wireless spectral vibration sensor. Wi-care technology solves the cost issue of continuous condition monitoring systems and make a perfect fit with the new version of I-see, the cloud-based RCM solution. The success is immediately there : a first contract is signed with a key Moroccan industry for 150 Wi-care™ sensors with daily remote monitoring. The demand for this new technology is important and I-care™ decides to expand its services by opening a subsidiary in Switzerland the same year.

First Branches Outside Europe

I-care™ decides to take a turning point and expand to Australia and South-Korea. Two years later, the North-America office opens in Houston, USA.

Start of Be Engineer

Voice of Customers is essential and I-care™ decides to start a complementary activity to meet its customers needs: find specialised resources for specific on-site missions or projects. Be Engineer is born.

The new offices in Mons are inaugurated and a corporate structure is set up to coordinate the operations, subsidiaries and more than 100 employees.

First Global Corporate Contract

I-care™ signs its first Global Corporate Contract with a major player in Food industry.

This global service contract includes 15 plants located in several countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Acquisition of Allied Reliability Group EMEA

On October 24th 2017, I-care™ shareholders acquire 100% of the shares of its main competitor, ARG EMEA. It will be the base of a strategic merger and integration of both companies into one new structure, positioning I-care™ as the market leader in Predictive Analytics for Maintenance and Reliability Solution with more than 300 employees.