Data Optimisation


A walkthrough is the way we perform and update the asset catalogue. A complete and accurate asset catalogue is fundamental in any effective maintenance program as one of the foundation elements. An asset catalogue is not only the list of assets within the plant, it also includes system descriptions, a hierarchy structure, component configurations, component attribute data, etc.

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Hierarchy Building

To have a good, clear, hierarchy seems to be obvious. But surprisingly we encountered often asset structure much more complicated structure.

This is often due to the several improvement made on the production line or simply due to a lack of time during start -up.

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The Equipment Maintenance Plan, or EMP, not only identifies the specific tasks necessary to minimize failure mode consequences, but it also contains information that guides work order scheduling and provides pertinent information for budgeting maintenance resources and communicating downtime requirements to operations.

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A Bill of Materials (BOM) is a listing of the component parts that make up a particular asset – how complete of a listing is a matter of extreme effort. These component parts are described in the following manner in the BOM:

  • Asset Number and description
  • Internal Item Number and description
  • Specific technical information (size, speed, etc.)
  • Manufacturer (OEM) name and Item Number
  • Quantity used by the asset
  • Description of where the part is used on the asset (for example, tail shaft thrust bearing)
  • Potential vendors and Vendor Item Number