Oil Analysis

The most cost-effective service to prevent machine breakdowns.

Often called the blood of the life of the equipment, oil can provide a great deal of information on the condition of the equipment and the wear of the installation in order to establish a relevant diagnosis on the mechanical state of the equipment system.

Oil analysis is made to determine if a lubricant is still working good or needs to be replaced. This efficient but basic approach gives high-value informations very fast and with a low investment.

I-care has been offering lubrication services for about 15 years. We decided to set up teams within I-lube to ensure on site lubrication activities, and thus complete our services. I-lube also proposes solutions for lubricants storage & handling.

What can you monitor?

  • Incorrect Lubricant Use/Selection
  • Over Extended Oil Drains
  • Component Fatigue
  • Sliding Wear
  • Abrasive Wear
  • External Contamination
  • Poor Handling/Sampling Practices
  • Inadequate Contamination Control Measures


  • On site lubrication: The availability of an experienced and qualified staff to ensure your lubrication activities on site.
  • Lubrication plan: An audit will help us to establish the actual level of performance of your lubrication plan.
  • Lubricant analysis: More than 40% of bearing failures appear before end-of-life due to bad lubrication (contamination, chemistry, wear).

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