Electrical measurements

Discover hidden weaknesses before it's too late

Do you know that if mechanical problems cover around 50% of electrical motor failure causes, another large part of crashes are caused by an electrical failure on stator winding and rotor problems? Pollution and moisture will weaken strongest insulation system. Heat and time will irremediably ageing insulation and can lead to interturn or ground fault. Thermal stressed squirrel cage rotor can suffer from cracked brazed bar.

A light through the darkness: I-care can offer you a complete panel of electrical assessment. From offline insulation measurement to most advanced online current monitoring, I-Care engineers can monitor the real electric condition of your equipment. They will be able to give you  advice on health condition and criticality of detected weak point. On a periodic basis or for troubleshooting purposes, electrical measurement must definitely be used as a strong tool for condition monitoring.

What benefit?

  • Hunt potential fault in an area uncovered by other method
  • Detect faults early, before destructive event
  • Minimize potential cost
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Avoid equipment downtime
  • Increase plant up-time/profits
  • Improve maintenance scheduling

What can you monitor?

  • Offline
    • Stator and rotor circuit condition
    • Interturn or ground insulation weaknesses
    • Brazed or bolted resistive connexion
    • Winding contamination by grease dirt and moisture
  • Online
    • Determination of power (Active / Reactive / Apparent)
    • Determination of rotor defect
    • Determination of stator defect
    • Determination of connection problem
    • Determination of gap defect
    • Load monitoring


We guide and advise you in the application of methods and techniques to identify and resolve issues of equipment reliability.

Our electrical  analysis services include:

  • Measurement program according your equipment nominal parameter and service condition
  • Standardized and repeatable measurement method to permit evolution analysis
  • Evaluation of measured parameter according experience, database and international standards
  • Commissioning measurement on repaired equipment
  • 24/7 support