Predictive Analytics For Maintenance

Predictive Analytics For Maintenance

We guarantee a better quality than our competitors by the commitments we take:


  • Availability 24/7
  • 1 hour delivery time to get one of our engineers on your plant
  • Analysis and report directly on your site
  • Report sending within 24 hours


  • I-care does not sell or repair any industrial equipment. Our diagnostic is completely neutral.


  • Depending on the type of contract you choose, a yearly evaluation of the ROI or techno-economic study can be performed.


  • We promise to detect 90% of faults
  • We will let you know more than a month in advance in case of intervention in 95% of diagnoses
  • We guarantee the effective presence of the defect after removal in 99% of our diagnoses
  • After replacement, we identify the primary cause of the failure to prevent it from happening again.

Our methods

Vibration analysis

Vibration Analysis detects early problems in rotating machinery, such as gearboxes, motors and diesel engines.

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Infrared inspections

Thermography gives an excellent indication of any impending faults using a quantifiable indication of temperature.

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Ultrasound analysis

Ultrasound is one of the more flexible condition monitoring technologies on the market.

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Oil analysis

The most cost-effective service to prevent machine breakdowns.

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Corrective actions

Laser alignment & Online balancing

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Remote analysis

This hybrid approach reduces the time and travel requirements for contracted services, enabling a lower cost solution.

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Advanced diagnostics

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Safety is (y)our priorities

Respect of Human is one of the 3 core values of I-care. Zero accident is not just a target but a reality for us in a working environment. 

To achieve this, all the I-care engineers are fully accredited in compliance with current H&S regulations and safe-working practice.

All the staff involved in this contract is in possession of the documents below:

  • VCA LH
  • Security passeport from customer
  • Procedures for each type of measurement to be made (vibration, current, ultrasonic, infrared, oil, laser alignment, balancing)
  • First Aid trained
  • Trained to use fire extinguisher
  • BA5 Certificate
  • Helmet resin meets your security standards
  • Safety shoes according to your safety
  • Goggles meet your security standards
  • Hearing protection according to your safety