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Criticality Analysis

Criticality Analysis

Ranking of the assets that make up the line according to a scale of importance with regard to their impact on different aspects (business, maintenance, security, environment, ...)

Reliability Solutions All sectors 26 June 2018

This analysis is done in the form of a workshop:

  • We propose a starting analysis grid to be validated by all participants
  • The analysis grid will be reasonable (ie maximum 4 to 5 parameters and maximum 4 to 5 steps per parameter) in order to carry out the discussions in an acceptable duration
  • We prepare meeting materials and minutes if necessary
  • We help lead discussions so that they are dynamic, effective, consistent and comprehensive
  • We introduce the ribs allocated to the systems as the discussions progress
  • We ensure consistency between meetings and discussions

The final report will be submitted in the form:

  • An Excel table containing all the quotes
  • An item distribution diagram. Example:
  • 3 criticality thresholds can also be proposed and validated in order to classify the equipements

We propose to organize a meeting bringing together all the participants in order to present the final results.