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The I-care Group has established and helped standardize asset management best practices for organizations around the world since 2004. We are now using this experience to tackle one of the biggest challenges currently facing maintenance and reliability managers: hiring and retaining talent.

I-care Talent's mission is to identify, screen, place, and secure the talent your organization needs today.

Staffing: one of the industry’s biggest challenges nowadays

Challenges in the industry

Finding and attracting suitable talent and supporting their career development and ambitions is already a huge challenge, simply because companies don’t have the resources to devote to these vital tasks.

The industry is mostly interested in hiring generalists who can manage, organize, and implement projects in different technical areas, but in the end they find themselves needing these generalists to do the work of one specialist. Cost pressures mean corners are cut, ending in unsatisfying results and frustration.

Finding and recruiting the best professionals

An expert pool of professionals

We understand that the industry desperately needs both temporary, project-based and also permanent positions to be filled. Not only to fill the current shortages, but also because many companies are undergoing a transition from conventional maintenance to the more data-driven Maintenance 4.0 which requires even more skills.

In our view, industry is better off with a single point of contact when it comes to hiring maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals who emerge from a climate where training, coaching, and development are primary pillars. Job diversification and rotation schemes help ensure a solid, highly-qualified pool of specialists that can meet your current needs, but who are also ready for the future.

Challenging, yes, but we’ve got your back!

Global network of maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals

Understanding your (global) staffing needs

Because we deliver our services all over the world, we know that there is enough work needing done and where there is an immediate need for personnel, but we also know that recruiting and hiring processes can vary widely from country to country. Given this reality, we consistently our network and our specialists a diverse range of jobs and opportunities to rotate. For us,there are no limits.

We ensure and monitor that our people have the opportunity to work on all types of projects in the field of maintenance and reliability and in all types of industries. We give everyone the opportunity to conquer as many learning curves as they like. Over the years, I-care has built up a strong network of maintenance, reliability, and asset management professionals ready to tackle your toughest challenges and help improve your safety, profitability, and performance.

I-care gives you access to the best talent in the world