Collect, connect, manage, analyze

What we do

We partner with our customers and help them establish a new standard of excellence for predictive maintenance, reliability, and process optimization.

We maintain long-term relationships based on mutual respect and by delivering strong results that make an impact others’ lives. We think with and alongside our customers to help them solve the toughest challenges they face in today’s environment.


Connected devices, sensors & historical data



Enable access to multiple data sources, standardized industrial connectivity, IoT protocols


Ingest data, enrich data, big data processing & machine learning



Gain insights from the data, apps  & real-time analysis, real-time alerting

We focus on predictive maintenance, reliability and process optimization.

We adapt our delivery models to your needs, taking into account your internal know-how, your people, systems, technology and your organization.


Do it for you



Do it with you



Drive you to do it


  • We perform all actions
  • We are self-sufficient in all our techniques and methodologies
  • We communicate recommended actions and results
  • We work according to the required standards and safety norms
  • We are part of your team
  • We adapt to your program
  • We apply your or our methods in consultation with your team
  • We transfer knowledge about technology and methodologies
  • We guide and advise you in applying the correct methodologies and technologies
  • We train you to implement them correctly
  • We help you at all operational and strategic levels
  • We support you ad hoc or on a continuous basis